In a field of continuous technological innovation, CEBO Injections SA is an essential partner in the fields of plastic injection, for the automotive, appliance, electromechanical, medical, watchmaking and cosmetics sectors.

Our goal is to help you rise to the challenge, assist you from the design of products, advise you on the choice of materials, design of tools and manufacture high-tech, quality and innovative products.

We offer you a wide range of technical services such as thermoplastic injection, MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), as well as plastic, metal and ceramic over-molding. This is for single or multi-press molds.

The company exports 85% of its production and is mainly active in national and European markets but also in India, Singapore, China, the United States, Mexico and Brazil.


Prior to the creation of Cebo, the molds manufactured by Beco went backwards and forwards to customers with all the related constraints, such as customs, deadlines, costs.

In January 2000, Beco bought its first press and installed it in the mechanical workshop.

At the instigation of the requests of our customers we created Cebo to carry out injection molding. The company was founded in 2003 with 5 people and 5 presses. Today it has 27 presses, about thirty people, divided into 3 teams and operating 24h/24h.

November 2017 takeover by the Canadian group NanoXplore, graphene manufacturer.

Our values

  • Quality excellence
  • Responsiveness and competence
  • Have a professional image
  • Know-how that evolves and adapts continuously, innovation that remains a priority
  • Develop a partnership with our customers and promote product improvement
  • Produce in order to perfectly meet customers’ expectations and to their complete satisfaction
  • Maintain traditions
  • Create a sense of belonging amongst employees by focusing on training, dialogue and well-being
  • Our willingness to transmit our know-how by training of multi-skill technicians and apprentices
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